The Maddock Ohana

The Maddock Ohana

Thursday, June 26, 2008

the first...

Well... i decided to not tie up the Goodwin family blog with more and more pictures of the kids.. so, I decided to create one just for those who really want to be bored!!

So, a little background - quickly - because if you are reading this - you should already know us!

Me... the mom, the wife, the cook, the chaffuer, the educator, the nurse, the seamstress (although my mom would beg to differ!), the student, the party planner, the event coordinator (yes, they are different!) and the business woman - hey I can call myself that... I go to work everyday and run a business.. does it really matter that the business is a childcare business??

Dean - the dad, the husband, the builder, the fixer, the plumber, the part time cook, the librarian (reader of the family)...., the entertainer, trampoline jumper, and all around good guy!

...and the kids... Gabriel - 10 and Griffyn - 5 - you will get to know them lots more since they are way more interesting than me... so I will just send a picture for now!

All of these photos are from our trip to Washington DC this past March. Woooohh - I didn't realize Gabriels eyes were so red!
Check back tommorow for more interesting facts from our little grass shack in Hawaii!!

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