The Maddock Ohana

The Maddock Ohana

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mele Kalikimaka!!

I haven't updated in forever! My life has been crazy with finishing school for the semester (btw - I got A's!), working! (which goes without saying) and getting ready for Christmas! Every year, it seems like it takes forever to get here and then it is over in a snap! Actually, the kids were great - Griffyn and Gabriel were both happy with everything they got! They even got a few doubles of things and they both just said thank you! I am so proud of them! We were up at 7 am and after getting the cameras ready and teeth brushed.. the opening began.... Dean is wonderful... he got me a spa certificate and many other things that I had mentioned over the past few months and he remembered! We went to our great friends house for brunch (thank you so much LISA and KIM!) - it was Christmas all over again! Everyone was too generous..... Erica and Haley joined us and we all had a blast eating, talking and drinking mimosas! I love having them as our family here! Again, we are back home and after a few visitors stopping by - we are relaxing, watching FRED CLAUS and eating enchiladas... amongst the mess!!
Thank goodness I am off for the next week!! WOOHOO..... I cant wait to spend the time with the kiddos hanging out, scrapbooking and beaching it!! Hope everyones holiday was wonderful. Feel free to leave comments.... love to all....

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I cannot believe that Halloween has come and gone! This has been a very fast year! Here are pictures of my magician and my cheerleader! Enjoy!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


This week has gotten much better! Although, I have started an online class and already have an assignment due and 3 more due this week in my other class. Oh well, that is what I get for going back to school!
Saturday was fun! We had a soccer game yesterday and then Erica and I went to a costume rental shop to try on costumes for a party we have to go to.. that was a ton of fun although the lady running it was very strange! She said she had a "personal relationship" with all her costumes! But, we decided on The Pink Ladies! Pictures will come in a few weeks!
Here are a few pictures from the soccer game yesterday!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a couple of weeks!

Sometimes, I swear I am being tested!!

Dean came and went to the race. He had fun - but spent such a short time there. I wish he could have actually spent more time with the family. But - we did miss him back home! I had such a horrible week at my preschool last week - I was actually wondering what else could actually go wrong..... well - if you are wondering - let me tell you!!
First - a little girl got her thumb caught in the door (hinge part) at my school. She is 2 and pulled it out after it shut. She almost severed it and actually fractured it as well. So, after being with her and her mom in the er (with blood all over me), I go back to work exhausted.
#2 - a child fell (just tripped) and hit his lip - his tooth went in his lip. He was fine, but again.. blood on the shirt!!
#3 - Griffyn had a luncheon at school... she did her little song (see pic)
and then we went to lunch.. where she threw up all over ME!!! Yes..... seriously!!
Ok... so Dean got home, the weekend seemed a little better - Griffyn felt better by Saturday nite. Then, the new week starts....
Thursday comes and we have a child who again just tripped and hit his ear on the table and split his earlobe (the top part). Again - you guessed it - blood on the shirt - oh and did i mention it was picture day at my school?
So, we had our house tented for termite control and we moved into this cabin... so we spent thursday and friday there and had to check out sat. Our house wouldn't be ready to go back into until sat afternoon. Here are a few pictures from our friday evening.
Well, Sat morning I wake up with a HORRIBLE sore throat! It just got worse and worse as the day went on.... since we were officially homeless, I spent the day on a friends couch sleeping.... it was so bad by the time i got home.... i looked in the mirror with a flashlight and it was covered with white streaks! So, after calling mom for about the umpteenth time... i went to the dr... who actually said the words "that is gross!" when she looked in my throat! Got on antibiotics... and today is tuesday and I am finally feeling better.
So, you think that is all?? Nope - did i mention that the refrigerator decided to stop cooling while all of this was going on? And that my mom in laws car breaks down??
But, good news is: the fridge is covered under complete warranty!
So, now i am ready for the rest of the week! Bring it on! I just pray no one gets strep!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

A day at the beach!

We decided to hit the beach yesterday for a fun day of sunning and relaxing, oh, and of course - snacking. Whenever Erica comes to the beach with us, she always brings so much food! In this instance a stop at Zippy's yielded some friend chicken and a korean chicken and mandoo platter as well as two plates of rice! I do have to say it was yummy and I didn't need to eat until thursday! No, we had enough snacks to feed all of the surrounding people! The weather was beautiful and Dean actually joined us! Ko Olina is not his favorite spot because there are no waves there to actually boogie board/surf/fall helplessly on my face with. But, he did want to spend time with us - which I am so glad he did! Although about 2 hours into the beach - he did dig out to go golfing! :-)
We all had a great time but should have put more sunscreen on! Here are a few pictures from the day!!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Growing up...

My baby is growing up! She started Kindergarten today! Griffyn is so ready for school... ever since she was able to talk - she has said she wanted to go to school with Gabriel and ride the bus! Now, it is here and she is as excited as ever! She got on the bus with Gabriel and I was able to meet her at school and unpack all her belongings. She only had a 1/2 day today. Her and gabriel were up at 5:15 am this morning ~~ both ready and happy!

So, Dean has a new sport... yes - he has discovered golfing! He went with his brother one day and loved it , in fact, was really good at it! So, we went to the driving range this weekend where he tried to show me which putter/iron/wedge (are they not all the same?) to use to just hit the ball... luckily, none of mine actually went behind me!

My computer has been acting up lately, so I haven't posted much on here - but i think i have it working now! Yeah.... we are going to try to go parasailing this weekend... even the kids will go tandem. We will see how the winds are....
Enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Saturday Night..

Dean and I couldn't decide what to do Saturday night.. should we go out alone? Where?? I really wanted a good steak... so, we could go to Honolulu to go out... no - too far! Should we go to a movie? No, nothing that we really wanted to see. So, we decided to get subs and take them to the beach and have a picnic. Well, we loaded up the kids and took them down to the beach. We forgot to stop and pick up food! We just happened to get to Lagoon 3 at Ko Olina where there is a little outside cafe. We ordered pupus and the kids played on the beach! How nice! And to top it all off - the hotel that the cafe is at plays free movies on the lawn every Friday and Saturday night. The kids ate and played and then even went swimming until it was dark! We had so much fun! Here are a few pictures....
Today is raining.. so we are just hanging out and getting stuff cleaned up around here.......

Friday, July 18, 2008

A long week...

This has been one long week... it started off with me getting a bladder infection! UUGHH! I have never had one and do not envy people who get them! Luckily, the dr called in a prescription for me and I did not have to go into the office. But, the week just seemed to drag by and I just couldn't kick feeling bad. Finally, on Thursday, I started feeling a ton better!!
Tuesday, when I cam home from work, I noticed that Griffyn had ink on her arm. I asked her what she was doing, where we write with is how the conversation went.
Me: Why do you have ink on your arm?
G: I was writing a phone number down...
Me: (I could make a few numbers out) Whose number are you writing?
G: I was writing a number that I got off of a commercial on tv.
Me (thinking it was for some toy). What did you want to buy?
G: I wanted to but those green bags that you keep your fruit and vegatables in so they won't go bad!

I just couldn't stop laughing! She didnt want a toy after all - she was actually thinking about the fruits and veggies.... Here is the product:

But, I have to tell you that dean is just the greatest.. you all probably know this but i have to reinforce it! On Thursday morning i go out to my van and find a big box... it was the cricut scrapbooking cutter!! .. with a note that said... this is not for your birthday, just wanted to show how much I love you!! How sweet was that?? I have been wanting this thing forever!!

On a sad note, please keep in your prayers a friend of ours who lost his life in Afghanistan this past weekend when the Taliban attacked his camp. He and 8 other young men died protecting our freedom. Here is a link to the news report. He left behind a 6 year old son. The mom and him were not together anymore but did remain on the best of terms.
http://www. kitv. com/video/16906406/index. html
Take a minute to watch the video...

Here are a few pictures from a bday party we went to last weekend..... the pool was incredible!!!

Lots of love!! Feel freee to leave comments....

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

It sure seemed like a weekend day to me today! I am so glad we now still have Sat and Sun to enjoy! We went to Yokohama Beach today all the way in Makaha... usually - it is beautiful and a great place for the kids to enjoy with many tide pools. But, today it was so windy and the waters were quite rough. Gabriel was a bit bummed out because he really wanted to snorkel - he even got an underwater camera! The lifeguards even told us today was just not a great day to snorkel. So, we bbq'ed and hung out until the winds just about blew us all out. We all came home, showered and took naps and then headed out to a picnic in the park. Usually, there are not many aerial fireworks on our side of the island and dean and i are not really into the drive and the crowds to head out to Pearl Harbor for aerials. But, today, the water park nearby actually had a show. So, we headed out to the park with some friends and just had a relaxing evening out... the only thing missing was the ice cream! Enjoy the pictures!! Happy 4th!