The Maddock Ohana

The Maddock Ohana

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a couple of weeks!

Sometimes, I swear I am being tested!!

Dean came and went to the race. He had fun - but spent such a short time there. I wish he could have actually spent more time with the family. But - we did miss him back home! I had such a horrible week at my preschool last week - I was actually wondering what else could actually go wrong..... well - if you are wondering - let me tell you!!
First - a little girl got her thumb caught in the door (hinge part) at my school. She is 2 and pulled it out after it shut. She almost severed it and actually fractured it as well. So, after being with her and her mom in the er (with blood all over me), I go back to work exhausted.
#2 - a child fell (just tripped) and hit his lip - his tooth went in his lip. He was fine, but again.. blood on the shirt!!
#3 - Griffyn had a luncheon at school... she did her little song (see pic)
and then we went to lunch.. where she threw up all over ME!!! Yes..... seriously!!
Ok... so Dean got home, the weekend seemed a little better - Griffyn felt better by Saturday nite. Then, the new week starts....
Thursday comes and we have a child who again just tripped and hit his ear on the table and split his earlobe (the top part). Again - you guessed it - blood on the shirt - oh and did i mention it was picture day at my school?
So, we had our house tented for termite control and we moved into this cabin... so we spent thursday and friday there and had to check out sat. Our house wouldn't be ready to go back into until sat afternoon. Here are a few pictures from our friday evening.
Well, Sat morning I wake up with a HORRIBLE sore throat! It just got worse and worse as the day went on.... since we were officially homeless, I spent the day on a friends couch sleeping.... it was so bad by the time i got home.... i looked in the mirror with a flashlight and it was covered with white streaks! So, after calling mom for about the umpteenth time... i went to the dr... who actually said the words "that is gross!" when she looked in my throat! Got on antibiotics... and today is tuesday and I am finally feeling better.
So, you think that is all?? Nope - did i mention that the refrigerator decided to stop cooling while all of this was going on? And that my mom in laws car breaks down??
But, good news is: the fridge is covered under complete warranty!
So, now i am ready for the rest of the week! Bring it on! I just pray no one gets strep!!


Christina Barosko said...

OMG, you poor thing. {{{{{{HUGS }}}}}
I hope things do get better for you.

Goodwin Family said...

It could be worse you could have found out you were pregnant in the middle of all of this!