The Maddock Ohana

The Maddock Ohana

Friday, July 18, 2008

A long week...

This has been one long week... it started off with me getting a bladder infection! UUGHH! I have never had one and do not envy people who get them! Luckily, the dr called in a prescription for me and I did not have to go into the office. But, the week just seemed to drag by and I just couldn't kick feeling bad. Finally, on Thursday, I started feeling a ton better!!
Tuesday, when I cam home from work, I noticed that Griffyn had ink on her arm. I asked her what she was doing, where we write with is how the conversation went.
Me: Why do you have ink on your arm?
G: I was writing a phone number down...
Me: (I could make a few numbers out) Whose number are you writing?
G: I was writing a number that I got off of a commercial on tv.
Me (thinking it was for some toy). What did you want to buy?
G: I wanted to but those green bags that you keep your fruit and vegatables in so they won't go bad!

I just couldn't stop laughing! She didnt want a toy after all - she was actually thinking about the fruits and veggies.... Here is the product:

But, I have to tell you that dean is just the greatest.. you all probably know this but i have to reinforce it! On Thursday morning i go out to my van and find a big box... it was the cricut scrapbooking cutter!! .. with a note that said... this is not for your birthday, just wanted to show how much I love you!! How sweet was that?? I have been wanting this thing forever!!

On a sad note, please keep in your prayers a friend of ours who lost his life in Afghanistan this past weekend when the Taliban attacked his camp. He and 8 other young men died protecting our freedom. Here is a link to the news report. He left behind a 6 year old son. The mom and him were not together anymore but did remain on the best of terms.
http://www. kitv. com/video/16906406/index. html
Take a minute to watch the video...

Here are a few pictures from a bday party we went to last weekend..... the pool was incredible!!!

Lots of love!! Feel freee to leave comments....

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