The Maddock Ohana

The Maddock Ohana

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This weekend was really busy! Gabriel had a birthday party to go to on Sat and Griffyn had one on Sunday. Both of them were just far enough so that it would be silly to come back home, so both days, I had to wait for 3 hours for them. Saturday, we arranged a playdate with Lili and Haley while waiting for Gabriel and Sunday, I had 3 hours alone! So, I took that time to get my hair cut. I swear it took the lady almost the entire 3 hours (not that i had that much hair - she was just super sloooooowwww~)! A few pictures.....
Griffyn and Liliana

Griffyn was at a princess party where they completely dress them up, do pedicures and manicures and do thier hair. I loved how pretty her hair turned out! I had to take Bailey home from the party (in the pink dress), but first had to make a stop at Sam's Club... needless to say, because of the hair and the makeup - we got extra smaples on everything!!!

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